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Donors are needed to sponsor students who wish to be trained as sports ministers.  Students will work in partnership with their local evangelical church.


Target Group

The majority of our students are from impoverished countries.  They have a strong desire to reach those who have little or no hope.  In most cases slum children, traumatized youth and street kids are our focus.


Student Commitment

Each student who is accepted in our distance learning training school commits to initiating and maintaining a sports outreach program in their region for a period of three or more years.


What will be accomplished

Typically, a program started by our students will attract fifty or more young people.  On the high end one of our students organized a major event with several churches cooperating and over 3000 young people attended this weeklong event.  The student reported that 1250 youth responded to the Gospel.

On the low end, 11 children responded to a slum program developed by another student in our pilot program.  However, in succeeding weeks the numbers grew and now this outreach averages 35 youth each week.  Most of these children are now followers of Christ.


Cost Effective

The training program is cost effective.  For less money than it takes to send one western missionary to Africa for a single year, Global School of Sports Ministry can train one hundred leaders who will initiate a hundred programs in different parts of the world.

Since the leaders who have been trained are nationals working under their local church, they already know the language, the culture and have the contacts necessary to establish an effective program.


How can you HELP?

1.  Prayer – By far the most important support you can provide.

2.  Scholarships are needed for most of our students.  The vast majority are from developing countries.

Cost:  $25 per month; $300 per year.

3.  Sports Ministry Starter Kits – Each graduate receives a sports ministry kit to assist them as they launch their program.

The kits contain the following:

  • Study Bible for the leader
  • Sports oriented Gospel tracts to distribute to participants.
  • Gospels of John for new-believers.
  • New Testaments for growing believers.
  • Complete Bibles for serious participants enrolled in a discipleship program.
  • Discipleship materials
  • T-shirt, cap, whistle, clip board
  • Soccer ball, basketball or Volleyball


COST:  Each kit costs $350 per student including shipping.  $25 per share helps fill the kit with much needed supplies.  Any amount is truly welcomed.

4.  Overseas Staff

Barnabas Mwesiga, former Ugandan National Soccer Coach and for 20 years a colleague who worked side by side with Russ Carr, the founder of Sports Outreach Institute and Global School is in need of monthly support.  Barnabas coordinates our efforts in Africa from his home in Uganda.

COST:  Any amount will greatly help Barnabas as he travels extensively to visit our students, demonstrate techniques and strategies and conducts special events.


Prayer Warriors and donors are sincerely invited to become a member
of Global’s 
team as we seek to obey Christ’s command to… 

“…GO and make disciples of all nations.”

Thank you in advance for prayerfully considering this special invitation.


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